What Makes Our Cosmetic Surgery Practice Different

What Makes Us Different?

Choosing to have plastic surgery is an intensely personal decision, and making sure your surgeon has the proper qualifications is the most important step in your plastic surgery journey. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, be prepared to do your homework. Unfortunately, it is legal for non-board certified plastic or cosmetic surgeons to perform plastic surgery and it is up to you to learn exactly what your doctor is qualified to do. Don't be tricked by flashy marketing; look for the two most important qualifications in your surgeon- certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Williams' reputation as one of Northwest Georgia's most experienced plastic surgeons has not grown through the use of flashy advertising, but through word-of-mouth referrals of thousands of happy patients. Anyone can pay for glitzy advertising, but the referral of a friend by a satisfied patient speaks volumes. More than half of Dr. Williams' cosmetic patients are referred by a friend that was pleased with their results from Williams Plastic Surgery.

What Makes Breast Augmentation Surgery by Dr. Williams Different?

Dr. Williams has used years of experience to develop the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation. One of the greatest concerns of breast augmentation patients is pain and length of recovery. Dr. Williams has alleviated both concerns with the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation technique. More than half of our breast augmentation patients go out to dinner the night of their surgery and many take only Tylenol® for mild discomfort. Most can be back at work within 48 hours. Every aspect of this procedure and recovery has been well-conceived and planned to specifically get you back to your normal routine faster than you ever thought possible. We have developed a gentler meticulous surgical procedure and an anesthetic technique specifically designed to allow you to never experience the pain traditionally associated with breast augmentation. Dr. Williams has used the experience gained from years of breast augmentation surgery to really deliver a quicker recovery. For your privacy and convenience, the procedure is usually performed at our licensed, accredited state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center located adjacent to our office.

What Makes a Tummy Tuck by Dr. Williams Different?

At Williams Plastic Surgery we believe the results of your procedure shouldn't give away the fact that surgery has been performed. With the tummy tuck, the most obvious tell-tale sign is a misshapen belly button or unnatural looking scar circling the belly button. The second obvious sign is a poorly placed scar that limits clothing choices unnecessarily. Dr. Williams' tummy tuck technique focuses on both of these shortcomings through proper planning and skillful artistic execution. Patients are encouraged to bring the bathing suit bottom or style they find most flattering and together scar placement is planned in advance. Dr. Williams' patients also benefit from his years of study and innovation focused on creating the most natural and attractive belly button, one that you will be proud to display at the pool or beach. We believe the appearance of the belly button truly distinguishes good results from exceptional results.

Revision Surgery by Dr. Williams

Increasingly, Dr. Joel Williams sees patients in need of a second opinion who want a surgical fix because they are unhappy with the results of their previous procedure. These patients are becoming more numerous as physicians with non-traditional training or no training at all attempt to perform their procedures on unsuspecting patients. Many of these patients have undergone multiple attempts to correct problems related to the initial procedure. Many of these patients have previously worked with another surgeon and are dissatisfied with his or her work, either because of inexperience, bad luck or pure sloppiness. It's very rare for Dr. Williams' own patients to seek revision surgery. After years of practice and thousands of cases, Dr. Williams' own revision rate is a very low 1.5%.


53% of Cosmetic Patients are referred by other patients!