Patient Testimonials for Dr. Joel Williams

The best testament to the quality of Dr. Joel Williams' work is the words of our former patients. Browse through our patient testimonials to get an idea of the level of care and results typical of Williams Plastic Surgery.

Having never had surgery or been under anesthesia, I was extremely nervous from consultation to the actual surgery. Dr. Williams is honest, caring and provides realistic and safe results. I had a breast augmentation and listened to his guidance on size. I'm so glad I did as I'm recovering very well with no complications. Other surgeons were willing to take me to a bigger size and I'm glad I followed my instinct to trust Dr. Williams. He saved me from future health problems and additional corrective surgeries. He is meticulous and just great at what he does. He even answered my after hours call to his personal cell phone! Lauren attended me consultation and also answered numerous emails prior to me scheduling surgery. She is really kind and straightforward. I probably wouldn't have booked my surgery if not for Lauren walking me through the whole process. Kate and Jennifer can't be left out because they took me through the actual surgery. Jennifer put up with my nerves and got me safely and calmly through the procedure. I'm a major worrier and she put everything in perspective. She is a great asset to the team. The last person who can't be left out is the amazing anesthesiologist. He is very experienced and I felt that I was in the best hands. He was just the absolutely kind. I have nothing negative to say about any of the staff. You guys have a great team!

They were really sweet, very helpful and concerned about my needs! They went above and beyond to make sure I was very well taken care of! They were by far the nicest staff of any doctor’s office I have ever been to! They treated me like I was the only patient and made me very comfortable every step of the way. I know I have said it several times, but I really enjoyed my entire experience with this staff…I only wish there were more establishments that had such wonderful employees…if I decide to do anything else I know there is no other team that would even come close to comparing to Dr. Williams’ team! They were knowledgeable about everything and the kindness they showed me and my husband made my experience the best it could be.
The care that was given to me was excellent! This is coming from a nurse who has worked in surgery for 13 years! Dr. Williams is hands down the best plastic surgeon with the most friendly, helpful staff.

So thankful that I put my breast in Dr. Williams and his staff. The procedures was not at all unpleasant and l have had nothing but good things to say about it. The results are awesome and I am so proud. Dr. Williams is gifted surgeon  and I will recommended his services to everyone. His staff is not too shabby either!! :)

May peace fill your home, may joy fill your heart, and may God’s love fill your life this Christmas.


I am more than very pleased with Dr. Williams and his staff. They have done a great job not only with the medical portion but making me feel at ease and comfortable with absolutely everything - from the initial visit, pre-op, the actual procedure, to my post-op visits. A great experience from beginning to end!

I am very pleased with my visits, My medical visit was very well done. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend you to anyone in need of your special services.

I loved my experience with Williams Plastic Surgery. The entire staff was a pleasure to be around. Dr. Williams was exceptional! My care exceeded all measures! I would absolutely use WPS again!

I want to Thank You for taking such good care of me. From the beginning to end you have been GREAT. Dr. Williams is wonderful + I am glad he did my surgery Kate was wonderful as well.

Dr. Williams & his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, & professional. I am elated with the results of my breast reduction & lipo and I know that my extreme satisfaction is due to choosing the right surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Williams for any plastic surgery procedure.

Thank you!

What an amazing experience I've had BOTH times. In the 6 years it's been, the staff and friendly atmosphere are still amazing. I'm very pleased with both my surgeries. I would never go anywhere else. Thant you for making me feel like I'm taken care of completely.

What an amazing office! Every person from the front desk to the nurses were professional & kind each and every visit! Dr. Williams, it doesn't get better than you. You are an excellent surgeon. I am beyond pleased with the outcome. My recovery was simple. You office will be highly recommended by me!

Dr. Williams is a fabulous surgeon and made me feel very comfortable. He put my fears to rest. He has such a wonderful manner with his patients. I love the whole staff! You all are amazing. Funny you send me this (survey) now…I was just talking with a wonderful friend and told her to contact your office when she is ready…"

~SD, Tennessee patient

Dr. Williams was wonderful to work with. I had my kids at a young age and my body was never the same. I can't say enough positive thing about Dr. Williams and his staff. They answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw the amazing results. If I had the choice to do it again, I would do it tomorrow,

My name is ……… but when I was your patient, my name was ……. A little over four years ago, you gave me a live changing surgery. You corrected my asymmetrical breasts and allowed me to go to college with new found confidence. I was with this new found confidence that allowed me to meet the man who is now my husband. While at the time you corrected my breasts I was thankful, it wasn't until I recently got married that I realized how much you truly changed my life. So, although I should have written this four years ago, I just wanted to thank you for the gift of confidence that you gave me. The surgery you did for me truly did change my life and I am just so thankful that God blessed you with such a special gift. thank you and God Bless You!

"I had a breast augmentation in June of 2012. The results have been beyond amazing. I am a RN and Dr. Williams came highly recommended from medical peers, as well as CRNA associates. CRNA Associates works for my medical facility and have given me great reviews. They saw first-hand the impressive work done by Dr. Williams. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The recovery was much easier than expected and my quality of life has improved dramatically. My back no longer aches. Clothing fits much better. Mostly, I feel as if my self confidence has been restored. I am a mother of four children and all were breast fed. I am very fit and active. Sadly, no amount of diet and exercise could restore what pregnancy/motherhood had taken. Sometimes surgery is the only restorative option. For any woman considering this: you will be amazed at the result and what you will regain! The best thing I ever did for myself. I am beyond impressed with the staff and the level of professionalism." ~LM

"At the time I had my first consult, I was only 19, but no stone was left unturned in finding out exactly what I wanted, soothing my concerns, and answering all of my questions. The staff was pleasant, friendly, and did everything in their power to make me feel welcome and take care of. I gave Dr. Williams the power to make judgement call in size and reconstruction and could not be more pleased with my results." ~BH

"Dr. Williams far exceeded my expectations. He is an extremely skilled surgeon and the results were even better than I had hoped for."

"The whole experience was wonderful. The great service started from my 1st phone call for a consultation and continued every visit. I have never doubted my decision to use Williams Plastic Surgery."

"I love that they are so attentive to you and even months after surgery they make sure that you are completely satisfied. They answer my questions in a way I can understand."

"The people are precious. Dr. Williams is very kind and professional…I have recommended Dr. Williams to many friends and two have had surgery already."

After 25 years of never being able to wear a bikini, being a size 14 - 16, Dr. Williams gave me the body I have not had in so long. On a recent trip to Florida, I not only wore a bikini, I wore one the entire trip. This size 6 - 8, sure feels good. My experience was wonderful.

"I traveled from Atlanta to have my tummy tuck surgery done by Dr. Williams and I am thrilled with the way my new tummy looks. I recently went to have a spray tan done by a person who sees a lot of plastic surgery results in Atlanta and she said she had never seen a tummy tuck that looks like mine. She thought Dr. Williams had done an amazing job!"
~ Atlanta, GA patient

"Everything about it was committed to excellence — state of the art facility." ~CS

"Everyone as the surgery center was amazing. They made me feel comfortable and well taken care of." ~SH

"Facilities are outstanding. Dalton is fortunate to have this center over the other regular operating and outpatient centers. The entire staff made every effort to meet my needs." ~KD

"The staff members were very helpful and welcoming. Dr. Williams did a great job and was very caring. The staff was great and welcoming. I liked that Dr. Williams called to check on me." ~KB

"Very clean and very professional and friendly staff. I love my results!" ~ Chattanooga, TN Patient

"PRIVACY! I was really impressed with the whole surgery center." ~CB

"I was expecting recovery to be quick but was still impressed with how quick — wow! No pain after surgery was amazing! I could have worked the next day if I had to." ~CB

"Dr. Williams was excellent. He explained everything exactly like it happened. He is a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect — which is what I want too, from my Dalton plastic surgeon." ~ Nashville, TN Patient

"Dr. Williams is great. He makes his patients feel comfortable and takes great care in assisting with surgical decisions. He provides all the answers to the questions and just makes you feel at ease." ~ Laguna Beach, CA Patient

"I would recommend Dr. Williams and his staff to anyone. In fact, I already have." ~ Atlanta, GA Patient

"I was very impressed with the surgery center. It was very neat and clean. I felt like special things were added just to meet the patients' comfort and needs." ~ Orlando, FL Patient

"I am thrilled with my results. I had been thinking about having surgery for years and have never regretted it, not for a minute. I had an excellent experience…" ~Panama City Beach, FL Patient

"Dr. Williams and his team made what could have been an awkward experience far more pleasant than I would have ever expected!" ~Louisville, KY Patient

"Your office is beautiful, and so are all the professionals working there. I deeply appreciate your kindness and care. Thank you all so very much." ~LJ

"All the nurses were wonderful, but my favorite was Kate. She was very personable and sweet, making me feel very comfortable. All the staff were great!" ~EW

"Being so close to the clinic was extremely helpful. The entire staff was very good." ~CG

"I don't know of anything that I didn't like." ~GB

"Entire experience was great! I have and will highly recommend! Special thanks to both Brandy and Ashley who made my surgery experience very pleasant, but all were great from front desk to post-op." ~AB

"The staff was amazing!! Everyone was so extremely nice and Dr. Williams is great!" ~EB

"The whole staff was very nice to me and it was just very comfortable." ~SW

"Keep doing everything you do! It's perfect!" ~DD

"My experience was awesome. Everyone was professional and made me feel comfortable." ~AM

"I had a very pleasant experience and I will definitely recommend this office. Every employee I worked with was great and made this experience wonderful!" ~CK

"Professionalism of the staff made me feel at ease about my procedure." ~KB

"I thought everything about Dr. Williams and his staff was wonderful." ~SD

"Dr. Williams is an EXCELLENT doctor. Very professional and understanding. His knowledge answered all my questions. He seemed to be down to earth and easygoing."

"He is a wonderful doctor and has very good comments to say about his patients. He makes you feel better about yourself."

"I would recommend Dr. Williams to anyone. He is an awesome doctor with a great medical background."


"I can't say enough how pleased I am with Dr. Williams, the surgery center, and of course, the results of my surgery. Thanks so much!"

"I love the surgery center — it's not like your typical 'doctor's office'. It has a calming effect, and the colors are rich and inviting. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable with my choice of doctor."

"Very clean and I love the way they cater to your every need."

"Thanks so much for the superb care I received at your surgery center yesterday. You have a top-notch facility and you should be proud of it. I would definitely recommend your services to any friend."

"I had no pain. I missed less than a week from work. I wish I had done this a long time ago. My results were better than I expected!" (BRM)

"It was great. I had no pain after surgery and the staff was great. Recovery time was fast." (BAM)

"The results were great! No bruising and the scars are not visible at all!" (BAM)

"The surgery was easy, and I wasn't nervous about the procedure at all since I had been well-informed. The recovery wasn't fun, but it was definitely worth it in the end. I'm more than happy with the results." (BAM)

"You can't even see where the incisions were made." (Lipo)

"I didn't feel any pain when I woke up." (BAM)

"The staff gave me a relaxing medication before walking me into the OR. My incisions were placed in the crease under my breasts. I had a few stitches covered by steri-strips. When I woke up, I was already in my pajamas. The nurse said I was very helpful in putting them on, but I don't recall." (BAM)

"What can I say? I love my new boobs!" (BAM)

"I couldn't ask for better results." (BAM)

"Yesterday, the doctor asked me how long it usually takes for me to see results. Tell him I already have a lift of the lateral brow…And tell him I said he's AWESOME."

"What I liked most was how friendly the staff and Dr. Williams were. I felt right at home and loved how important everyone made me feel. I have been to a couple other consultations with different plastic surgeons and felt like another number they could put on their list. Here I felt like a real person with a real agenda and finally found a Dr who felt the same way and really showed just how much he cares for his patients and their overall happiness."- NR

"I went to another consultation with another facility prior to Williams Plastic Surgery and my experience was very different. I am very pleased."- WB

"The staff was wonderful and made me feel like I was important. I knew almost immediately I wanted my procedure done here."- AC

"The co workers and Dr Williams are awesome, friendly, and professional. They all Rock…"- SW

"I loved the entire experience. There was nothing that could have been better."- AC

"Dr. Williams took his time and wasn't hurried and did a fabulous job.I am very impressed with the whole experience and will definitely be a patient for life."-ML

"Happy place, kind place, felt safe and heard."- MH

"Everyone I dealt with was absolutely wonderful. From signing in to leaving, I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to take care of me."- SQ

"The thing I Liked most about the surgery center was the cleanliness. It was very impressive."-RF

"It was very clean, comfortable, and the best place to feel at peace, I was very nervous but once I walked into the door I felt at peace and god's presence. I would not go anywhere else. Was a wonderful experience, the nurses and staff were amazing and I could not ask for any better service."- SW

" I loved everything about your office and staff. Also Dr. Williams was the best! I would not go anywhere else."- SW

"Everyone was super nice and helpful in helping me make my decision. Dr Williams is the best, I feel that my implants feel and look natural."- CP

"Dr. Williams is the best! He gives you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your implant type and size. He is not like the other doctors I know of that pick everything for you causing you to feel like you do not have any say in your results."- KM

"Having had previous procedures from other physicians, I felt I knew what to expect when I made my appointment with Dr. Williams. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated with care, kindness and as a person, not a procedure.
This was the best experience from start to finish. Unlike previous procedures, Dr. Williams, Kate and Brandy spent time discussing my treatment options and outcomes. They each spent quality time with me each visit and my post procedure outcome was nothing short of perfection. Better than expected! I will return and recommend to my friends and family. Thanks!"

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