Revision Plastic Surgery Near Chattanooga

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Increasingly, Dr. Joel Williams sees patients in need of a second opinion who want a surgical fix because they are unhappy with the results of their previous procedure. These patients are becoming more numerous as physicians with non-traditional training or no training at all attempt to perform their procedures on unsuspecting patients. Many of these patients have undergone multiple attempts to correct problems related to the initial procedure. Many of these patients have previously worked with another surgeon and are dissatisfied with his or her work, either because of inexperience, bad luck or pure sloppiness. It's very rare for Dr. Williams' own patients to seek revision surgery.

If you are considering revision plastic surgery and would like a professional opinion, please contact Dalton cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joel Williams today.

Candidates for Revision Plastic Surgery

Scenarios in which revision plastic surgery may be recommended include the following:

  • Liposuction was performed when a tummy tuck would have been more appropriate.
  • A mini tummy tuck was performed when a full tummy tuck would have been more appropriate.
  • A patient's liposuction results are lumpy or uneven.
  • A breast implant patient develops capsular contracture and needs to have her implants removed or replaced. (Note: capsular contracture may be treated non-surgically with the Aspen System.)
  • A breast lift was performed with a crescent incision above the nipple when a vertical scar mastopexy would have been more appropriate.

Revision Plastic Surgery Considerations

It's generally important to wait an appropriate amount of time after the first surgery before making arrangements for the revision procedure; an exception to this rule may be saline breast implants that are too large can be deflated before extensive overstretching of the skin has occurred. It can take a while for the final results to reveal themselves. Scheduling a revision procedure while the body is still healing is usually a premature (and bad) idea.

It's also important to determine if the problem really is the physical result of plastic surgery or stemming from a psychological component. The plastic surgeon may have done everything textbook-perfect and the results are normal. For example, most breasts will not be perfectly identical, even after the placement of implants. Breast augmentation can treat significantly asymmetrical breasts but usually even after surgery one breast will be a tiny bit larger than the other. Experts would agree that this does not necessitate revision plastic surgery.

A patient who is unhappy with his or her results could also be seeing things through a distorted lens, or even have a psychological condition called "body dysmorphic disorder" in which they see physical flaws in themselves that are not there. For people suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, revision plastic surgery is not appropriate; psychological counseling is more suitable.

If you are unhappy with your plastic surgery results and are considering a revision procedure, please speak with Dr. Williams about your options. Call him at (706) 278-2700 or email his office to set up a consultation.