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Revision breast augmentation is often recommended for women who are dissatisfied with their breast implants — either because of the way they look/feel or because a complication arose. Dr. Joel Williams wants everyone to be happy with their implants, and he also wants patients to stay healthy and avoid complications that could compromise their health. Dr. Williams offers various types of breast augmentation in Dalton at his Chattanooga-area clinic.

If you have had implants placed and are considering removing or replacing them, please contact Williams Plastic Surgery by phone or email today to speak with us about breast implant revision surgery.

Reasons for Having Revision Breast Augmentation

The following are some of the most common reasons for having breast implant revision surgery:

  • The patient wants bigger or smaller implants.
  • The implants have ruptured, leaked or deflated.
  • The implants have shifted.
  • The patient has experienced a complication such as capsular contracture, seroma, hematoma or infection.

Treatment for Capsular Contracture: The Aspen System

It's normal for the body to form a "shell" or capsule around foreign objects that are placed in the body. Usually this shell is soft and pliable and does not develop complications. If the capsule starts to harden or constrict around the implant, this is known as capsular contracture. This may be caused by one of several things, some of which are infection, trauma or the accumulation of blood or a watery liquid in the area surrounding the implant. Usually the cause is never determined. Some women will repeatedly form a capsular contracture. Dr. Williams is one of only a few surgeons in his area to offer a unique non-surgical treatment for capsular contracture: the Aspen System.

The Aspen System uses external ultrasound to treat capsular contracture. Treatments are typically administered three times per week for an hour at a time. The ultrasound energy is directed at the capsules along with gentle massage to soften the hardened capsule (scar tissue) and increase blood circulation. This can relieve pain associated with capsular contracture and also treat asymmetry. The sooner the Aspen System is applied following identification of the problem, the better the results that can be achieved.

Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery

The surgery will likely be performed in our accredited Dalton cosmetic surgery center. The exact treatment plan that Dr. Williams will follow depends on what the patient is most concerned with and would like to change. If the implants have deflated, he could remove the shells and replace them with a new pair of implants. Alternately, he could reposition them if they have shifted around or look significantly asymmetrical.

Recovering from Revision Breast Augmentation

The recovery from revision breast augmentation surgery may be lengthier than primary surgery, but not necessarily. Soreness and discomfort is normal for several days, but prescription pain medication and ice packs will help alleviate these side effects. It's important to avoid strenuous activity, bending or lifting during recovery.

Dr. Williams may send the revision breast surgery patient home wearing a surgical bra to support the breasts as they heal. The patient should rest at home for several days and avoid lifting, straining or vigorous activity for several days after surgery. Dr. Williams will check on the patient's progress and remove any stitches during follow-up appointments. He will also advise when it is all right to return to work and normal activities.

Benefits and Risks of Revision Breast Augmentation

Revision breast augmentation will resolve complications experienced after primary breast augmentation surgery or adjust the size or shape of the implants to better match the patient's expectations. For a woman whose implants have deflated or become deformed or misplaced, revision breast augmentation is necessary to restore her confidence around other people. Revision breast augmentation is not a risky procedure, but potential complications include reactions to the anesthesia, excessive bleeding, infection and changes in nipple or breast sensation. Complex problems may require more than one procedure to achieve all goals. All patients should be aware that realistic expectations are the key to successful cosmetic surgery.

For more information about breast implant revision surgery, capsular contracture or treatment with the Aspen System, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joel Williams today.