Facial Plastic Surgery Near Chattanooga

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Williams Plastic Surgery treats Chattanooga-area facial plastic surgery patients ranging in age from their 20s into their 60s and 70s. Our younger patients usually want to enhance their lips with an implant or injectables to improve what nature and youth have given them, and the older patients want to restore what time has taken away, restoring a youthful appearance with a cheek lift, face and neck lift, or eyelid surgery.

When Dr. Williams, a board-certified Dalton / Chattanooga area cosmetic surgeon, takes on a case involving a facial plastic surgery procedure, his goal is to preserve that patient's uniqueness while subtly enhancing the area(s) of the face that they are self-conscious about (e.g., the nose, ears, cheeks, brows). He avoids doing anything to make the patient look artificial or "frozen" in one expression, and carefully follows the principles of facial balance, symmetry and proportions.

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