Skin Care Treatments Near Chattanooga

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Individuals in the Chattanooga area seeking a way to refresh and revitalize their skin can choose from a plethora of services and treatments at Dr. Joel Williams' plastic surgery practice. There is an option for practically everyone, ranging from dermaplaning treatments and facials to hair removal and chemical peels.

"The condition of your skin is the first impression people have of you."
—Dr. Joel A. Williams

Read more about what Dr. Williams and his staff offer and contact our office for more details or to schedule a skin care consultation.

Laser Photo Facial

Laser photofacial treatments represent the latest advances in minimal downtime treatments for combating signs of aging and the effects of sun exposure. The application of a laser to the surface of the skin is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, small facial veins, uneven skin texture, and fine lines. The treatment can be completed in less than an hour after which patients can return to their normal schedules. The skin may appear flushed for a few hours following treatment with skin appearance usually returning to normal the next day. This treatment is ideal for patients who want results but cannot find time in their schedule to recover from more invasive treatments. The benefits of the treatment lie under the skin and generally can be seen two to three weeks later. To see the best results, this treatment is typically recommended as part of a three step treatment plan. The treatment has lasting results when paired with a good sunscreen and skin care regimen.

Custom Facial

Blending a luxurious experience with skin care solutions, this facial is ideal for those seeking corrective skin care. Treatment addresses specific concerns including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and challenging skin. It includes all the key elements with techniques to focus on rebalancing difficult skin. Facials are excellent for teens as well as adults, and are customized to each individual to deliver the most benefits.

Lash and Eyebrow Tinting

Lash and brow tinting creates long-lasting drama for the whole eye area. Try our quick and easy lash and brow tinting. In no time patients can enjoy gorgeous lashes and brows! Tinting is so simple it can be done while having another treatment or on a lunch break.


This safe and effective manual exfoliation is used to carefully remove the top most layers of skin, resulting in a beautiful, refined complexion. In addition, fine vellus hair is removed. More effective than microdermabrasion, this procedure will provide the desired results in a quick and safe treatment. Results include reduction of fine lines, overall even appearance of skin tone, and less visible pores among other benefits. Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types and also known as Epidermal Leveling.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. These light to medium depth peels affect the cellular level using acids and enzymes that are gentle and non-toxic. Our aesthetician offers several peeling agents that are customized to fit individual needs and results. For optimal benefit, packages are available, and may include preparatory or post-peel skin care. Consultations are recommended to tailor any treatment program to your individual needs.


Fraxel treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps patients remove years from their appearance and regain a more youthful look. Whether the problem is sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars or other signs of aging, Fraxel treatments deliver remarkable results with a fast recovery. As such, patients can return to work or other activities quickly with renewed skin and renewed confidence. Consultations are recommended. Pricing and time commitment varies and is determined by treatment area.

Levulan® Kerastick with Blue Light

Discover a convenient way to treat Actinic Keratosis. Actinic Keratosis, or pre-cancerous lesions, are rough textured, dry, scaly patches on the skin that are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. This treatment has low downtime and offers excellent results. Often covered by insurance, a consultation is recommended.