Spider Vein Removal Near Chattanooga

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The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that more than half of all women have unwanted spider veins, usually on the legs and around the ankles. Men are not immune from pesky veins, either. They can become such an eyesore that a person to may refuse to wear anything but long pants in public. Williams Plastic Surgery offers several treatment options: traditional sclerotherapy and laser therapy with a KTP laser or Cynosure Elite.

To decide what treatment option best meets your needs, contact the Chattanooga-area office of Dr. Joel Williams by email or phone and consult with a member of our professional team.

Candidates for Spider Vein Treatment

Some men and women inherit visible spider veins from their family. Women may notice them developing after pregnancy, weight gain, or while working jobs that require prolonged periods of sitting or standing. Many people are suitable candidates for spider vein treatment in Dalton if they are in good health, have reasonable expectations of spider vein therapy and are serious about following the prescribed treatment. Use of aspirin, Motrin, or other blood thinners is discouraged for several weeks prior and after the treatment.

Treatment Option #1: Sclerotherapy

During a sclerotherapy treatment, a chemical solution (called a "sclerosing agent") is injected into the blood vessels. The solution causes the veins to collapse and disappear overtime. Multiple treatment sessions may be required.

Treatment Option #2: KTP Laser Therapy

Lasers are now being used for a multitude of cosmetic applications and vein removal is no exception. We use a Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP) laser and the Cynosure Elite to treat veins. The laser coagulates the blood vessels so the veins disappear from sight. Laser therapy is also appropriate for treatment of small, unwanted facial veins.

Several treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired results. How far they should be spaced apart may vary by patient and the severity of the condition; check with our office for more details.

Treatment Option #3: Cynosure Elite

This laser has proven itself over many years as an excellent way to treat stubborn spider veins; especially, small veins that remain after traditional sclerotherapy or veins around the ankles. Several treatment sessions are usually required.

Recovering from Vein Treatment

In general the recovery from spider vein treatment is quick. Patients may return to work and normal activities almost immediately, but refrain from vigorous activity for 24 hours. It's not uncommon to notice bruising or swelling at the treatment area. This will disappear within several weeks and the beautiful results of vein treatment will become more obvious. The skin might be a little sensitive for a day or two, and Dr. Williams and his team of professionals may recommend wearing supportive hose as the legs heal.

Risks and Benefits of Vein Treatments

Vein treatment delivers excellent results safely. Having vein-free legs may embolden a patient to start wearing more skirts or shorts without the accompaniment of thick pantyhose, feeling more confident on the beach or at the pool. Vein treatment does not require anesthesia and is not generally painful.

Risks include bleeding, infection, and damage to the nerves, blood vessels or muscles, irregularities in the skin's contour or color, and poor healing. Persistence of some veins can occur, requiring multiple treatments. Dr. Williams and his team will explain the risks in greater detail during a spider vein treatment consultation.

If you are interested in laser vein treatment or sclerotherapy, please contact Williams Plastic Surgery today through email or by calling (706) 278-2700.