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Lip augmentation fills out thin lips. There are several different approaches to lip augmentation, depending on the degree of invasiveness that the patient is comfortable with. Dr. Joel Williams, a cosmetic surgeon Chattanooga area patients trust, can recommend an approach that is tailored to a patient's specifications.

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Lip Implants

The placement of an artificial implant will make the lips look bigger and fuller. Popular types of lip implants include AlloDerm or Gore-Tex implants. Lip implants are permanent. They are placed through incisions made inside the lip at the corners of the mouth. After Dr. Williams has placed and positioned the implant, he closes the incisions with sutures.

After the placement of an implant, the lips will feel swollen and tender. They may also feel numb, but this should disappear in a few days.

Fat Transfer

Dr. Williams can harvest fat from a patient's body, purify it and inject it into the lips to add volume. This method will not produce permanent results, but it also has virtually no risk of unfavorable reaction. It is appropriate for Chattanooga / Dalton lip augmentation patients who are at risk of adverse reaction to dermal fillers or other synthetic products.


The injection of dermal fillers like Juvederm is a great non-surgical way to achieve more shapely lips, and is one of the most popular methods chosen by our patients.

Juvederm, a hyaluronic-acid based filler, also enhances the size and shape of the lips and treats moderate to severe creases around the mouth. It has the benefit of a longer lasting result.

"The key to exceptional results with lip fillers is to avoid doing too much. I let patients watch the progress and make suggestions as we proceed."
- Dr. Joel A Williams

Injectable filler products will not produce permanent results, but do stimulate the production of collagen to a degree. To maintain results, regular treatments are advised.

Benefits and Risks of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation produces bigger and fuller lips. It can add volume to lips that have diminished with age. Results can last temporarily or longer. Risks of lip augmentation with an implant include infection or rejection of the implant by the body. Also, the implant may shift out of place, although this is rare. Permanent bruising, discoloration, hematomas and allergic reaction are other potential complications. Dr. Williams will talk more about these complications during a personal consultation.

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